Market Selection


Strong Local Economies

Healthy local business environments are the foundation of strong rental real estate markets.
We invest in markets with strong and growing demand for workers, growing jobs, and low unemployment.

Positive Migration

We want to invest in places where people want to live.
The best indicator that people want to live in any given market is that they’re moving in from other areas.

Strong Housing Demand

We must be certain the strong housing demand is for the right reasons, which is why economic and population factors are just as important as actual housing demand.
This helps ensure housing demand is genuine, and not a local speculative bubble.

Current & Target Markets


The Lone Star State has a number of excellent investment markets.


We have owned investment property in the Panhandle and the greater DFW Area, and are seeking further acquisitions.

North & South Carolina

The Carolinas have multiple world-class technology, medical, and financial hubs. Their excellent quality of life has driven considerable migration from other states.

North & South Carolina

The Carolinas are home to a great business market, strong employment drivers, and a fantastic climate.


The Copper State has experienced considerable inward migration from its neighbors. Phoenix in particular has experienced considerable appreciation of its real estate.


Phoenix and Tucson in particular demonstrate fantastic fundamentals and tremendous opportunities for investors.