Past Investment Properties

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The Properties

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

270 Multifamily Units

Houston, TX

342 Multifamily Units

Phoenix, AZ

288 Multifamily Units

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

360 Multifamily Units

Columbia, SC

146 Multifamily Units

Amarillo, TX

225 Multifamily Units

Phoenix, AZ

272 Multifamily Units

Phoenix, AZ

460 Multifamily Units

Phoenix, AZ

440 Multifamily Units

Real Estate is What we do

The Strategy

Cash Flow

Net cash flows generated through rents are distributed to investors, generating passive cash flow for our investors.

Value Add

We invest in properties with value add potential and force appreciation to produce capital gains.

Tax Deferral

1031 Exchanges, Self Directed Retirement Accounts, and other tax strategy options can be applied to our investing model.

Versatility & Flexibility

Investment Structures

Single Asset Syndications

Single asset syndications are one-off, closed end investments where one or more assets are acquired at the outset. 


Funds are open-ended investments which seek to acquire assets of a particular profile. Funds may remain open to investors for a year. 

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