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Targeted Investments

Our Model

Target Assets

Multifamily Apartments

Housing is in massive demand and apartments are the primary way we meet that market need.

Multifamily Apartments

Investing in safe, affordable housing in the US's top investment markets

Self Storage

Generally considered to be highly recession resistant, Self Storage is a business that serves those in transition.

Self Storage

Self storage has many preferable aspects: Counter-cyclical demand, low expenses, and relatively simple construction make it an attractive investment.

About Us

How We Started

NT Capital was founded to help busy professionals gain access to the best private real estate investments the market has to offer.

Our founder started his real estate investing career as an escape from the uncertainty of Main Street in his own investments. He started NT Capital to help others access these types of investment opportunities as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe housing to our tenants while producing attractive returns for our passive investors.

Our founder’s goal is to help investors escape the Wall Street casino, Invest in Main Street, and build wealth passively with real estate.

How It Works

Follow the steps below to get on the list and one of our investment partners will be available to discuss any questions you may have.

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1031 Exchange Investors

We offer passive investment opportunities for investors who are selling investment properties and deferring capital gains via the 1031 Exchange.

This strategy utilizes the Tenants-In-Common arrangement. If you are considering selling an investment property  and would like to explore passive real estate investment options while deferring capital gains tax, schedule a call with us today.

We are happy to work with you and your Qualified Intermediary to locate an investment that works for you.